Other Services

Sacred Space is held on the third Sunday of the month at 6.00pm in St John’s Chapel.
Sacred Space is an oasis of calm in an increasingly frantic world. It is an opportunity for quiet prayer and meditation with a guided theme. It usually only takes place during the winter months.

The format is always recognisable, although the content and detailed structure of the service can vary a lot. The church is always partially lit. There is always quiet music for reflection, and simple songs or chants for joining in. One important feature is the projection of sacred images as an aid to reflection and meditation; there are also readings and prayers, interspersed with silences or musical interludes. There may be a short homily on the theme of the day.


Service suspended at present:

Healing Prayers is held on the fourth Sunday of the month following the 10.30am service.
Held in the embrace of God, an intentional private time to share with a leader (if you wish), and God, the things in your heart and mind, in need of focused prayer – now relaxing the yoke and weight of that burden. Bringing healing in the sharing, with another, and by the Holy Spirit lifting our petitions in Jesus name to the Father – for Healing – of self, others, loved ones, situations, places, near or far. Thank God!